Introducing 'Flickr Fullscreen Scroller'

After playing around with Twitter's API, I decided to take a look at Flickr's API as well. Nothing special, just something I wanted for myself and decided to extend it for general purpose.

So today’s one-night-stand is called… Flickr FullScreen Scroller. It is a web app that shows the photos of a Flickr user account in full-screen. Use left or right arrow keys to navigate threw the photos (left mouse click will also move to the next photo).

There are many many fullscreen Flickr slide shows out there, including an official one from Flickr, but:

  1. Most of them don't maximize photos to actual full-screen (as in, fill the entire viewport). They have mirror effects on the bottom, or controls on the top, or arrow overlays etc. I wanted a totally clean interface.
  2. Most of them where slide shows. I wanted to manually browse through the photos.
  3. I wanted the photos to be one next to the other and not one after the other (does that even makes sense?).
  4. They weren't developed by me. Everything else is just an excuse.

So enjoy!