Introducing: 'Starcraft Planning Poker Cards'

When one of our team members left and took his planning poker cards with him, as a fan of Starcraft (albeit, not that good of a player), naturally, I decided to design a deck inspired by Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. We've been using this deck for over 4 months and today I decided to share it with you.

General Information

The entire deck is a standard poker deck with 13 cards for each suit and 2 joker cards. The suits in this case are Protoss, Terran, Zerg and Random. The 2 joker cards are the tech trees and a Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty logo. The backs are the promotional Starcraft II Valentines Day wallpapers of each race (the random race is all the logos fused together) from Blizzard. The numbering used for the planning poker was the one we use in our team: 0, 1/2, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 20, 30, 50, Epic and Question Mark. All the numbers are units from each race (the random race are heroes from the game) while the Epic is their respected logo and the Question Mark is a fun little comic.

All the artists are credited in the Readme.txt file that is included in the zip. The file also includes other information about the reasoning behind the numbers, and other trivia.

To print these cards I used I like their editor, which allows you to customize every aspect of the cards (other than the box they come into :/), but I'm not really impressed by the quality. However, the price was fine and they seem to hold OK after a couple of months of use. If you have any suggestions on where I can print quality plastic cards with a reasonable price for a couple of decks, feel free to add it in the comments.

Fun little trivia: a few months after my team started using these cards, I met Yanni Davros, who happened to have designed the Hellion artwork I used. He is a Starcraft fan as well and has made some posters you might want to look.



The interface for each race was taken from high resolution (or, at least as high as I could find) screen shots from Google Images. I cut them into pieces and tried to fit them in a poker card format. I included some padding so as to make sure none of the art will be cut off when I order the prints. I used the Starcraft font I found in for the numbers and names.

For every unit, I search for its portrait, an artwork and its cost in minerals, gas and supply. A lot of that came from the Starcraft Wikia site (which is an amazing source of information for the Starcraft universe).

My self-criticism

Yes, I know that the Colosus is a 5. The reason for that is simple: I couldn't find a good artwork for the Sentry. I also know that the Warp Prism art is actually the Phase Prism concept art by Blizzard. I'm not a big fan of units with no backgrounds either. Unfortunately, there were not many choices for a lot of units (seriously, no Siege Tank artwork??) while others it's hard to decide. I also colored the Broodlord myself, since the one I found was a black & white sketch. I was desperately looking for a good artwork for Aldaris so I could have used the Adjutant, the Overmind and Aldaris as either the Question Mark or the Epic.

Finally, the positions of the numbers follow the traditional trading card games format (such as the mana cost on the top right in Magic: The Gathering) rather than the poker format (which would be a better fit, now that I think of it).

I hope you like it.

En Taro Adun!