Introducing 'Strip to Print'

Have you ever wanted to print a website but only part of it? Especially from a blog. Remove the comments, the navigation menu, the footer; basically everything else other than the post itself. Well, I can think of at least one website that I want to print right now. And, as any programming geek would think, the easiest way I found to do so is by creating a small tool. So I give you Strip to Print! A tool that will only display the HTML part that you want. It's very simple: You enter the URL, the tag that contains the HTML code and then you "Strip!" it. For example, enter "" as the URL and leave the ".post" in the next textfield (or simply click here). Click "Strip!" and observe the article from my blog striped and ready to be printed.

The hardest part is finding the tag you want. I may add a small DOM selector in the future, but for the time being (and probably for a long time) I recommend Firefox's DOM Inspector. I personally use this to find the id, class or DOM path of any website. Warning: every matched tag will be displayed. Depending on what you want, this may be desirable or not. For example, enter the "" URL and use ".addon" as the tag (or click here). This will strip all addon DIVs from Firefox's addon site. Also notice that a lot are missing (styles, images etc). I said, this is a very basic tool.

Currently I know that WordPress and Blogger use the ".post" id while Wikipedia uses the ".content" id. Post a comment if you have found a useful id.

Also, under the "Strip!" button there is a bookmarklet you can use to quickly access this tool. Just drag and drop the link to your bookmarks toolbar. Now, whenever you want to strip a website click this bookmark, enter the tag and "Strip!" it.

Finally, here are two applications I recommend using along with this tool:

  • CutePDF Writer will install itself as a printer in your computer. This will allow you to print anything into a pdf.
  • And once you have a collection of pdf's, you can use the PDF Sam application to merge them into one.

That's it. Enjoy!