What's next? A service to upload my clipboard?

I have recently stumbled upon TechCrunch's article about ControlC. The idea sounds, well, ridiculous. First of all, how many people use the clipboard to remember things? There are numerous of other applications like Google Notebook, other notes applications, windows notepad and even plain old Post-It. Why the hell should I use the internet for this?

On top of that, does anybody care what other people copy on their clipboard? ControlC's public user profiles isn't for people viewing other peoples clipboard, it's seeing what other people are sharing (by using ctl+c combination and declaring it public). In other words, "Copying something and sharing it" is just another way of saying "posting to my del.icio.us" or "posting to my flickr" etc. Nothing new.

If somebody really would like to keep his clipboard history, there are plenty of freeware applications to assist them. The idea here is not, again, at all new. You can't even copy from one PC to paste it to another without having the service installed in both, unlike some other portable clipboard utilities out there.

I believe this is a service that runs to catch the Web2.0 bubble before it explodes (A.K.A. Built to be Bought)

I give them two months tops.