Word Patents – A revolutionary idea(TM) of 2020

I would like to inform you(TM) that the idea(TM) of letting a company to patent(R) any common word(R) is starting to bother me(R). It is very difficult for me(R) to pay(TM) at least 10 dollars a word(R) and ending up paying(TM) more than 399 dollars an article(R). Please(TM) do not call me backward when I say(TM) that it was better(R) before when we(R) could freely(TM) write(R) anything(TM) without worrying about writing expensive(TM) words(R). I still can't believe(R) what happened to that poor(TM) guy(R) who paid one thousand dollars(R) just because(R) he wrote in his article(R) the word(R) XXXXX (I cannot write this because it is too expensive(TM) for me(R)). Luckily(TM) I can(TM) write(R) a shorter version of a word(R) to lower the cost but then again, it would be really hard to read(TM) anything(TM). So, thk u for your tim. Sincrely pek

P.S.(TM) Price(R) for the word(R) word(R): 12 dollars Price(R) for this article(R): 489 dollars Freedm: Pricelss (actually, the correct word(R) costs more than 600 dollars)